AIRLINE is a fast growing Russian company focused mainly on design and manufacture of high-quality automobile accessories for light cars and trucks.

Having started its activity in 2004 by entering the market with a butyl automobile inner tube, in 2006, the company committed to accessories issues.

For the moment, we use the best efforts to develop the existing distributors and coverage of new areas to be closer to every customer.

However, we do not seek for immediate coverage of the outlay, but aim at our permanent presence on the market and building long-term relations with all our suppliers, partners, and clients.

Adhering to the strategy of dynamic and modern development of the company, we do our best to be maximally transparent and responsive to all new, and alive to wishes of our customers and partners.

AIRLINE company forms the part of MC Carville representing on an exclusive basis the interests and ensures marketing and distribution of products under the following brands: AIRLINE, LUZAR, TRIALLI, StartVOLT (СтартВОЛЬТ), and INMOTION.

The mission of MC Carville is to build an efficient system of marketing products of diverse product categories (brands) within the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. 

MC Carville: the film about us - https://youtu.be/IC7ftdE9p9w